How should you maintain your xiaomi m365?

How should you maintain your xiaomi m365?
There are ever more users choosing this means of transport because it is comfortable and easy, and also because any electric scooter can be folded so as to fit easily into the boot of a car or on public transport.

In this post by Escooterfix , a company specialising in electric scooters, we’re going to tell you about the maintenance you should carry out on your xiaomi m365 to keep it in good condition so that it can last longer.

Clean your xiaomi m365 for proper maintenance

The first tip for proper maintenance of your xiaomi m365 is to clean it periodically. These devices normally accumulate dust and we need to prevent this for certain elements such as motors, chains or belts where it can damage the components.

You can’t use a hose because you could damage your prized machine, so the best thing is a damp cloth and a small amount of neutral soap. Remember that the pH of the soap could damage the paintwork, so it is better to use it sparingly.

After the first inspection, remove any leftover soap with a damp cloth. For motors and chains or belts, the best thing is a brush, although it’s easier and more effective to remove any dust that could have accumulated using compressed air.

Tyres, basic components for xiaomi m365 maintenance

It’s very important for the tyres to be at the correct pressure, and the value required will be found in the manual for your scooter. It’s a good idea to buy a spare tyre in case one becomes worn or punctured and you have to change it immediately. Tyres are a wearing element, and for correct xiaomi m365 maintenance you should review them often, recalling that they are your only contact with the ground when moving.

Care for your battery

Recently, we posted a blog entry on the importance of the battery and how to look after it. All the tips we gave you in that post can be applied to your xiaomi m365 maintenance.

By heeding these tips for correct xiaomi m365 maintenance you will be enjoy it for much longer. If you need advice about your electric scooter, accessories, or you have any query about this post, you can enter our contact section and send us a message.