Electric scooter safety tips

Electric scooter safety tips
Electric scooters have come into our lives to stay, and it is more and more common to see people riding them, while of course driving a powered vehicle entails a series of risks.

In this Escooterfix post, as a company specialising in electric scooters, we’d like to give you some electric scooter safety tips so you can travel as safely as possible on your daily journeys.

The importance of maintenance

Conducting the maintenance exactly as the manufacturer indicates is crucial to avoiding possible faults or surprises. Each time before you use it, we recommend you carry out a visual revision of the different safety components: wheels, brakes, lights and battery. Any spare part you might need must always be certified to guarantee that the piece works correctly, as this means it will meet certain minimum quality standards.

The safety elements

You’ll be speeding around on an electric scooter and for your own safety, it is crucial to be properly equipped. It is recommended to wear protective elements in case you fall, such as a good helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and clothes covering the skin to prevent scrapes. We also recommend you use a high-visibility vest to make you visible to others, while for driving at night we can say this is obviously indispensable.


One of the best electric scooter safety tips is: take your time. It is very important to remember that they are designed to go at 25 to 30 km/hr and so, if you don’t want to run risks, don’t go any faster.


Being insured is a very good choice for avoiding any great shock. Today, there are a lot of policy options at keen prices, so that the cost is no longer an excuse not to have one. We suggest that you read the conditions carefully and choose the company that best matches your needs.

If you follow these electric scooter safety tips we’ve offered you, you’ll be able to venture into this world and start to enjoy all the advantages these kinds of products offer you. If you need advice about any topic related to your electric scooter, go to our contact section, and we’ll respond to you as quickly and as well as possible.