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Xiaomi M365 Parts & Accessories

Xiaomi M365 is one of the most purchased electric scooter parts in the world thanks to its strong structure and elegant design. At Escooterfix you can find the best parts and accessories for Xiaomi M365

Due to the everyday commute or going to the university, it is normal to have to replace some parts or accessories. In the different Xiaomi scooters parts and accessories we offer, M365 is the most complete from all and we cover every need a user may have for your Xiaomi M365. Some parts and accessories you can find are tyres, batteries, wheels, fenders… all of them are manufactured to last longer. 

Wide catalogue of Xiaomi M365 parts

Xiaomi M365 accessories and upgrade parts

Besides Xiaomi M365 parts, we have a complete range of accessories for this electric scooter. Xiaomi scooters are very easy to repair and add more accessories or parts. Only with a simple box of regular tools you can do almost every repair.

In Xiaomi M365 accessories and addons, you can customize your electric scooter. For example, you can personalize it with fluorescent tyres that glow in the dark, fenders of different colors, hook covers, stickers… discover all the options and make your Xioami M365 unique.

Escooterfix, experts in M365 parts and accessories

If you are looking for the best quality in Mi M365 parts, Escooterfix is the place to be. We offer a complete catalogue of spare parts and accessories. As we completely trust the quality of our products, every product has a one year warranty and a 30 days return policy.