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Find the best Ninebot parts and accessories in our wide range of high quality products for Ninebot electric scooters. At Escooterfix you will discover a complete collection of spare parts and components. Ninebot electric scooters are very easy to repair or add new components: just with a simple box of tools you will be able to make the changes by yourself!

Ninebot is a product of the well-known brand Segway and one of the top competitors of Xiaomi in scooters due to its fresh design, comfort, fast-charging and safety features. Such as Xiaomi scooter parts and accessories, we cover every need of reparation for Ninebot electric scooters.

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Complete collection of Ninebot accessories

Besides spare parts and components, we also have a wide range of Ninebot accessories that will allow you to customize your electric scooter and upgrade it. They are very easy to add to your scooter so you won’t need to go to a specialist to put them on your Ninebot scooter.

We strongly believe in the quality of our Ninebot scooter accessories so we add a year of warranty and a 30 days return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase. At Escooterfix we combine the best quality with the most competitive prices.


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Due to daily use, it is very common for some parts of your electric scooter to end up broken or useless. At Escooterfix we have every component you might need at the most competitive price and also a complete catalogue of accessories if you want to personalize your Ninebot electric scooter.