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Electric Scooter Mudguards

Discover our wide range of electric scooter mudguards. Compatible with the major electric scooter brands like Xiaomi, Ninebot or ZERO Macury, our mudguards and fenders are built to last longer than the original parts.

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Electric scooter mudguards and fenders

At Escooterfix we gather together the best electric scooter parts and accessories at the best price. Mudguards are one of the components that suffer the most as they are very close to the road, they protect you from little rocks and objets and they resist the vibration too, so it is very common that they end up broken.

Like many other components, electric scooter tyres for example, mudguards are very easy to replace. With just a regular set of tools you will be able to quit the damaged part and add the new one without the need of paying for it.


Mudguards for electric scooter at the best price

Take a look at the different colours and references of our electric scooter mudguards and find your favourites. Red, white, pink, green… the choice is yours! We believe in the quality of our mudguards and fenders so we add one year warranty and a 30 days return policy in all of them.