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Electric Scooter Kickstands

If you are looking for electric scooter kickstands, you are at the right place. At Escooterfix we offer you a complete selection of strong, reliable and stable kickstands for electric scooters. This component is fundamental in electric scooters as they help you to stand in short brakes such as lights and crosswalks so you need to count with durable kickstands.

Electric scooter kickstands are also very easy to add to your scooter, as well as other accessories like electric scooter tyres and electric scooter brakes. With just an ordinary set of tools you will be able to put it on and start enjoying your ride without the need of visiting a professional store.


Complete selection of electric scooter kickstands

Buy online kickstand for your electric scooter

At our wide collection of kickstands, you will find stylish and sportive components that will complete the look of your scooter and add stability to your vehicle. Take a look at our kickstands for electric scooters and choose your favourite one, they are available in different colours!

Made of high quality materials and compatible with the main brands in the market, our kickstands are the best choice for maximum support and stability. We trust in the quality of our kickstands and the rest of the products so we add in every order 1 year warranty and a 30 days return policy and also free delivery for orders over 60€.