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Electric Scooter Brakes

We provide a wide range of electric scooter brakes with the highest quality and durability. Brakes are essential in e-scooters safety as they let you stop immediately and avoid every possible obstacle. At Escooterfix you can find a complete catalog of pads, discs, kits, levers, cables and everything you need for your electric scooter.

Wide variety of electric scooter brakes

In terms of safety, brakes are one of the most important elements in an electric scooter. So, having quality and strong brakes is fundamental. In our e-commerce, we offer a wide variety of brakes and related components that will improve your security.

Brakes, as well as the rest of electric scooter accessories, are very easy to swap and replace for new ones. With just a regular set of tools you will be able to change almost every component of your scooter without the need of visiting a professional store.


The best brakes for electric scooters at Escooterfix

Besides high quality brakes and other electric scooter parts, like tyres for example, at our website you can find the lowest prices. We strongly believe in the excellence of our products so we add in every one of them one year of warranty and a 30 days return policy

Find the best solution in safety for your electric scooter at the lowest price. Also, you have a free delivery in every order over 60€ and express delivery so you can enjoy your product as soon as possible.