Electric scooter riding tips

Electric scooter riding tips
You’ve probably already decided to get an electric scooter, or maybe you’re thinking of getting one. But there’s one thing that bothers you: you’ve never ridden one and are a bit uneasy at the idea.

In this post by Escooterfix , a company specialising in electric scooters, we’d like to offer you some electric scooter riding tips so you can overcome your trepidation and enjoy all their advantages.

Take safety into account

Conducting the maintenance exactly as the manufacturer indicates is crucial to avoiding possible faults or surprises. Each time before you use it, we recommend you carry out a visual revision of the different safety components: wheels, brThere is the possibility of falling off when you ride an electric scooter, so we recommend being as well prepared as possible. Using a helmet is already mandatory in many countries, and you should also use gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and clothes to protect your skin if you fall. It is likewise important to read the manual for your scooter, as once you understand clearly how it works, you can start practising.

Take your time about learning

Take the learning process calmly and at your own pace, without hurry: this is one of the best electric scooter riding tips we can offer you. Before entering city traffic you can practise in quieter areas where you can concentrate 100%, without needing to keep one eye on what’s going on around. This will make learning to ride your scooter your only concern and will avoid unnecessary risks.

Riding conditions

The ideal weather for riding an electric scooter is a sunny day, when the tyres grip better and the brakes are more effective. In cases of heavy rain, we recommend you stop using the scooter, as they are designed to withstand moderate rain and you might have a breakdown. Whenever possible, we suggest not using it at night, as while most makers include LED lights in their products, it can still be dangerous to ride in poorly lit areas where you can’t be seen well.

Signal your movements

Just as when driving along the road, you are not alone and must signal your movements in advance so other users can see you, and you need to be even more aware of this with an electric scooter. Use your arms to tell those behind you what you’re going to do, so that they slow down and you can avoid complicated situations.

Heed the rules of the road

Before learning to ride your electric scooter, it’s important for you to learn the rules in your country, as depending on where you are there might be different restrictions upon riding on the pavement, in a cycle lane or on pedestrian crossings. Heed the rules of the road, traffic signs and lights etc., so you can ride more safely and avoid possible fines.

Calculate the autonomy properly

At the end of our list of electric scooter riding tips, we have a typical beginner’s error: Not taking the battery level into account. We suggest you look at your scooter’s autonomy and calculate the distance so you don’t have to arrive on foot at your destination.

If you follow these electric scooter safety tips we’ve offered you, you’ll be able to venture into this world and start to enjoy all the advantages they offer you. If you need advice about your electric scooter, go to our contact section, and we’ll get back to you as quickly and as well as we can.